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The Story Behind Our Mascot:  ELA

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Ventura Haven, there lived a wise and friendly elephant named ELA.  ELA was not your ordinary elephant; they had a keen sense of business acumen and passion for helping entrepreneurs navigate the legal jungle.  With their sharp mind and compassionate heart, they became the beloved mascot of Entrepreneur Legal Advisors (ELA), a legal firm dedicated to providing small business legal services differently for small businesses. 

ELA's journey began in the entrepreneurial district, Main Street, where they discovered their love for business and the legal intricacies that came with it.  Inspired by the dreams of entrepreneurs, they decided to use their knowledge to assist them on their quest for success.  ELA wasn't just an elephant; they were an entrepreneur's best partner.

Entrepreneurs from all walks of life sought ELA's advice.  They would patiently listen to their dreams, challenges, and aspirations, offering a unique blend of legal expertise and practical wisdom.  With their trunk held high and a sparkle in her eyes, ELA guided them through the legal landscape, ensuring they understood every step and decision along the way.

ELA's image become synonymous with trust and reliability.  Their friendly demeanor and approachable personality made even the most daunting legal issues feel manageable.  Entrepreneurs felt a sense of reassurance knowing that ELA, the Entrepreneurial Elephant, was by their side.

The ELA team recognized ELA's impact and officially appointed them as their mascot.  Together, they embarked on a mission to make legal advice accessible and understandable for every entrepreneur.  ELA's image adorned its website, brochures, and social media platforms, spreading the message of legal empowerment far and wide.

ELA's popularity soared, and entrepreneurs began sharing stories of their success, crediting ELA for being their guiding light.  Soon, ELA's name became synonymous with success in Ventura Haven's business circles.  Her smiling face became a symbol of triumph over legal challenges, a reminder that with the right guidance, any entrepreneur could conquer the business world.

In the heart of Ventura Haven, a statue of ELA was erected, capturing their essence - wise, friendly, and entrepreneurial.  Passersby would often touch their trunk for good luck before embarking on business ventures.

And so, ELA, the Entrepreneurial Elephant, continues to inspire and guide entrepreneurs on their journey to success, proving that with a touch of wisdom and a dash of legal expertise, dreams can indeed come true.

Empowering Entrepreneurs. Mitigating Risks. Your Affordable Legal Partners.

Launch, which is now known as ELA, emerged out of an unwavering determination to revolutionize the legal landscape for small business owners.  The frustrations stemming from firsthand experiences in the arduous process of searching for and hiring a small business lawyer that offered strategic legal services at a predictable price ignited a spark to address a glaring deficiency in the legal industry.  (Yes.  Even a small business lawyer needs their own small business lawyer.)  If you could buy subscription based marketing, HR, and accounting services, why couldn’t you buy small business legal service packages in the same manner?

Based on countless discussions with “small business lawyers” who repeatedly refused to offer any information on price, how they worked with small business and transparency about communication and advisory services, it became clear that small businesses were often left in the lurch, struggling to access legal services tailored to their unique needs. The traditional law firms seemed to have lost sight of the essential principle that every business, including law firms, is fundamentally in the customer service business.  Aligning the interests of lawyers with the businesses they serve had become a Herculean task, and this disconnect presented not just a problem, but a golden opportunity for transformation.

The problem lay in the difficulty small business owners faced in finding legal services that were not only accessible but also transparent, proactive, strategic, and accompanied by predictable pricing.  The legal realm needed a breath of fresh air, and Launch was poised to provide it.

Our vision took shape in the form of a subscription-based legal services model.  Subscription models were already gaining traction in numerous service industries, so why not in the legal field?  With this idea in mind, Launch embarked on a mission to offer small businesses an alternative that was proactive, transparent, strategic, and, above all, grounded in predictable pricing.

Large corporations often utilize lawyers as strategic advisors who steer the business towards growth and success by avoiding obstacles and seizing opportunities.  A core principle of ELA is that small businesses should have access to the same caliber of service.  This unwavering dedication drives our passion at Launch.

At our core, we are built on the bedrock of transparency and open communication.  We pride ourselves on demystifying the law, ensuring that you not only understand the legal and risk factors affecting your business but also recognize the strategic possibilities that lie ahead.  We’re not just a law firm; we’re your steadfast partners to success.  Our tireless commitment is focused on safeguarding your interests and securing the future of your business.

We extend a warm invitation to you to join us on this journey.  We aspire to make high-quality, small business legal services not just accessible but an integral part of the small business experience.  If you’re a small business owner seeking legal support and strategic guidance, we stand by ready to assist you.  Together, let’s redefine the narrative for small businesses, empowering them to flourish, expand, and triumph

Today, ELA, a rapidly growing firm, supports many businesses across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Ready to learn how Launch can help your business? Contact us at info@elapractice.com or 804-442-6090 for your free lawyer consultation. 

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