Case Study: A Non-profit Streamlines Strategy and Legal Components

This is a case study about how a non-profit integrated Launch's strategy and legal services which, in turn, resulted in a big impact on their business.

Client's challenge

  1. To get proper start up legal documents
  2. Develop a strategy to fund the business

Launch solution

  1. Put the appropriate legal documentation in place to protect the business
  2. Develop an actionable strategy to move forward with business of the company
  3. Monitor both the strategy and legal, tweaking strategy in real time and addressing legal needs that arise as the strategy is executed
  4. Impact on client's business
  5. Put a deal in place to fund a substantial development of the company platform
  6. Can seamlessly move through their business knowing their legal needs are addressed as they arise without delay/questions/getting up to speed
  7. Used the strategy to measure and mark their success as they moved toward predetermined goals
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